1. The story in my Project: how Pet Adoption is important.

2. Conflict: Puppy Mills issue

3. Core Concept:

– Why we need to adopt pets? What are the jobs of staffs and volunteers at the animal shelters?

– What is Puppy Mills issue?

– How Pet Adoption can stop Puppy Mills?

– What should people do to support the Animal Shelters?

4. Evidence of Access



Jessica Bundang and Rita Wilds (Marketing Manager at the East Bay SPCA)

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 10.25.32 AM

Krista Jordan (Marketing Manager at East Bay SPCA)


Me in the East Bay SPCA clothes for Volunteer

5. Media using: videos, recording sounds, After Effects to make animated examples of Puppy Mills.

6. Tone/mood that I’m going for: something sounds happy, fun and NOT sad. Even it’s sad about Puppy Mills issue, but I don’t want to let people feel pressure and just adopt pets at shelters because they feel pity for them. I make this project to let people understand that where they should go to buy a pet, which is the animal shelters, and if they do that, they actually can stop the Puppy Mill business, which can stop the Puppy Mill Cycle.

7. Storyboard for my big Videos

a. Me: talking about how myself relate to the topic “Pet Adoption” and how I found East Bay SPCA.

b. Interview of people introducing themselves

– East Bay SPCA: volunteers and staffs-Rita Wilds

– Family that have adopted pet: Jess and Midge

c. Explaining how the East Bay SPCA runs, how adoption pets is important.

– Staffs from East Bay SPCA: Rita Wilds

d. Issues of Puppy Mills

– Me: transition from shelters to Puppy Mills

– Staffs or Volunteers at East Bay SPCA: talk about Puppy Mills, how Shelters can affect on stopping the cycle of puppy mills.

(Note: make animation video describing puppy mills)

e. Passion of helping animals

– Staffs or Volunteers at East Bay SPCA: why working at the shelter? what is their motivation?

– Family that have adopted pet: why they want to adopt pet at shelter rather than at pet store?

f. Interview: How to help shelters

– Staffs or volunteers at East Bay SPCA: talking about how people could support the shelter.

(Donation, volunteering, foster care parents,etc.)

– Family that have adopted pet: talking about how they feel when they adopt their cat, and how they could do to support the shelter.



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2 Responses to Presentation

  1. Thank you! I hope I could do that successfully. I like your video too, it’s beautiful and amazing. Keep it up!

  2. Your site is one of the most comprehensive of the whole group. I get a really strong idea of how your group would proceed. You’ve done a lot of work and your pitch video is very strong. I don’t think you can go wrong telling a story about cute animals and I think your project has the potential to change a lot of opinions and inform a lot of people about puppy mills.