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Just… adopt a pet ( :

Whoever you are,

Alien or Human,

just be a nice one



a pet.



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Nhi’s Project Proposal

My Core Concept is on the subject “Adopting pets”. The project is about adopting pets at the animal shelters or rescue group: why we should adopt pets at these places? What are your benefits from adopting pets? Why a lot of people volunteer at the animal shelters?  What are the problems that the animal shelters mostly have? What we should do to support them?

The reason why I choose this topic is, firstly, mostly people buy pets at the pet store because they think that pets at the animal shelters or rescue group are not vaccinated or not healthy. These thinking are not corrected and I want to change those opinions. Secondly, as myself an old customers at an animal shelters, I found a lot of benefits that I had when my roommates and I adopted our cat there.


The people that I will interview for my projects are:

1. People who used to adopt pets: I choose roommates and I to be these people, because we have adopted a cat and we know how the feelings are. I will interview their experiences when they went adopting our cat, and how they think it was a good thing to do.

2. Volunteered people at the animal shelters or rescue group: I choose the SP SFCA, an animal shelters where we adopted our cat, because as I know, there are a lot of people who volunteered there. I will ask their working experience, what inspired them to volunteer and how they think it is a good thing to do.

SP SFCA, an animal shelter in San Francisco. My roommates and I adopted our cat there, and this shelter has a very good service and their staffs are very friendly. Besides, I will go to some other shelters to have different resources and information.

The history event that I will include in my project is the day my roommates and I went to the animal shelter and adopted our cat. That was a very great experience that we had and we love to share that.

My key audience is people who love to have pets. A lot of people just go to the animal stores. However, there are a lot more benefits from adopting pets than buying a pets.

In conclusion, my project will show you the benefits that not only for you, but also for the homeless animals. It will also show you the realistic experience from the customers and from the people who volunteered at the animal shelters or rescue group. I hope my project would let people know more about these shelters and give a hand to help them raise the homeless animals.


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Nhi says Hi :3

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This is a audio recording me say “Hi” in four language that I know: English, Vietnamese, French and Japanese.

Hmmm… English and Vietnamese I could speak them well. French, kind of, I’m good at writing more than speaking. And Japanese, I learned it from the internet, haha.

My mother language is Vietnam, and I am absolutely a Vietnamese. I came to the USA for studying abroad, and that would be my best choice that I’ve ever made. Why? Experiencing new culture, living with different people, exploring the country, etc. So many things I could do ( :

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My passion.

These things below are all of what I love in my life ( :


hiking 3

A shot I took when I went hiking at Lands End, San Francisco. It was incredibly beautiful. I love outdoor activities, such as hiking, rock climbing. I’m not  an expert on those things, but I’m learning though ( :

Japan town SF

I always interesting on Japan culture. It is a unique in a very different way from other countries’ culture. So, going to Japan event, learning Japan’s culture, anything about Japan always interesting for me.


This is a bearcat. I upload this picture is because I want to say that I love animals. I love taking pictures of animals, reading news about animals, attending events to help animals. I have a cat, whose name is Jazzhands, and a dog, whose name is Bul. They are both important to my life and I will never ever want something bad happen to them.

Snow on th Street

Yes. Snow. It’s beautiful. But why it has to be so cold  ) :

Lamp on Street  A brunch at Publis MarketDSC01133_2


 DSC00747_2 DSC00001


And finally, I love to take picture of random things. Sounds fun to me :3


Yes. That is all about what I love ( ;


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Call me Nhi ( ;

Hello World ( :


I am Nhi, obviously.

I love the color blue.

I love hugging shark.

I love eating okra.

I came to Ex’pression College because I followed my heart’s passion.

My quote is:

My Quote

(from a fortune Cookie that I got 1 year ago, and I still keep it until now ( : but I mean I still keep the fortune paper, not the cookie…)

I draw because I like it, and it helps me creating my own world.

In ten years from now, I hope I could complete my dream, which are becoming an animator and hugging a shark.

Cheers  and wish you have the best day everrrrr ( ;

Meow :3

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