Sound Collage: A Musical Voice

The music on this track was chosen very deliberately. I tried to capture the mood of the different sides of Arabic culture. It is also an homage to my lost interviews, which took place during a concert of a special Arabic female rapper who just happened to be visiting UC Berkeley on that day.


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A Hilarious Encounter

My roommate, Michelle, felt compelled to tell her side of the story

WARNING: Very funny

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Where’s My Burka?

I am really beginning to fantasize of a world where I could see everyone around me but no one, in turn, could see me. Isn’t it kind of like having an invisible cloak that every child dreams of? I think I would acquire a new sense of empowerment, knowing that the only person who will be lucky enough to marvel at my physical body is the person that I choose and who truly deserves it.






This idea makes me think of a human body, of what it is, of how incomprehensibly complicated and perfect in its design it is. Does anyone ever even think about stuff like that anymore? The human body. The sacred. The divine. Something to be cherished and marveled upon. More specifically, the female body. What is more beautiful that exists in this world than a woman’s body? Makes me think the Muslim women have got it right. They know their price. And it’s not cheap.

A Bit on Terminology

Okay, so you have probably heard the term “burka,” also spelled “burqa.” From what I have been able to gather from the native Arabic people, burqa consists of three parts. The main long body cover is termed Burqa, which is worn together with Hijab (the head scarf), and Niqab (the actual part that covers the face). All three Arabic terms are pretty much translated into “veil.”

This type of dress on a woman signifies her being a practicing Muslim. The most common part of the dress, and which is worn by itself, is the head scarf, or the hijab. The design variety of hijab allows a woman to choose the one to her taste. They come in simple subdued colors as well as in latest fashionable styles. The hijab can be easily converted into hijab + niqab bu using a different wrapping style. A woman can simply gather the loose part of her hijab and bring it to her face as needed.