Our Project Proposal

Title: Family Tics

Collaborators: Mikayla Burke, Emma Miller, Spencer Gorton, Angelica Claudio

Overview: A closer look into a family whose three sons are diagnosed with Tourette’s and how it affects the family and the sons in their daily life.

Intended Audience: Families and friends who have similar diagnoses and/or know someone who have/had Tourette’s Syndrome or similar neurological disorders.

Objective of the Film: Tourette syndrome is more than the vocal aspect we have familiarized ourselves with. It is so much more physical and mental, and can heavily effects personal relationships if left as a comical relief. It is a neurological disorder and must be treated as such.

Soundtrack: Calming, almost home-y, enlightening piano chords and soft tones.


Tourette syndrome is hardly ever portrayed in the good light in everyday media and it is unfortunate for those people whom actually have the neurological disorder. It is much more different and complex than what most people think it to be, and since it isn’t the most common disorder out there, people don’t normally learn about it.

Our approach for this film is to show a family who have three sons, each of whom have a different variation of Tourette syndrome. The first son, Danny, has the OCD and ADHD aspects of Tourette’s. Joey has motor tics, mostly in his back, neck, and his throat, and mild OCD. Tommy has vocal tics, which cause his to repeat certain spoken phrases again and again, and ADHD. These are just some of the symptoms that some people who are also diagnosed with Tourette’s, though it will vary from person to person, and will more than likely affect their daily life in one way or another. In this film, we wish to show the side of Tourette’s that no one sees: in the family homestead.

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