Knowledge is Key

Tonight I had a very insightful conversation with Joey’s mother, Michelle. All of her sons have tourette syndrome and she had to make herself extremely informed about the disorder and how to deal with it.

It was hard for her in the beginning because she didn’t understand it well. She told me that every day was a challenge when her oldest sons, Danny and Joey, were young. Even now with her youngest son. And its especially hard because “they are all so different in their mannerisms in the way they have it.” ┬áTheir mannerisms can also change daily. In the same way no person is exactly alike, nobody with tourette’s is alike either.

She told me “it was hard when I was younger”. But now she’s extremely well informed and understanding and supports her sons the best she can.

Joey’s Family

Joey’s family consists of his mother, father, two brothers, and his sister. Him and both of his brothers have been diagnosed with tourette syndrome, and each have different symptoms and different degrees of symptoms. His mother and grandmother also experienced tourette symptoms, but were never professionally diagnosed.

From left to right: Joey, Michelle (his mom), Tommy, Katie (siblings).

From left to right: Joey, Michelle (his mom), Tommy, Katie (siblings).