About the Project

Core Concept:

  • Tourette Syndrome is not usually portrayed in a good light. When I look at television shows or movies, a person with tourette’s is usually making overly exaggerated movements or cursing very loudly. I wish to bring light to what tourette’s really is and how people with it and people around it, live with it.


  • My boyfriend and his two brothers have the disorder and their mother is very knowledgeable about it. I also have a family counselor whom I visit regularly who may be able to share some knowledge and experience about the subject.


  • My boyfriend’s home and school as well as my counselors office.


  • Tourette Syndrome is a disorder of the nervous system that can involve many different symptoms depending on the degree of the disorder.


  • People who live with or have the disorder or anyone who wants to learn more about it.


  • I will be active in communicating with my boyfriend, his family, and my counselor.


  • I want to shed better light on the subject because many people do not know exactly what it is and have incorrect assumptions about it.

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