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So here are a few things I drew up in Adobe Illustrator to possibly be logos for the blog.

I like the font I chose for my initials, but what I like even more about it is the fact that I connected the letters together in an interesting way. The circular thing is supposed to be like looking down the lens of a camera. Unfortunately, I didn’t do very well with making a camera lens. I decided to insert “RKE PHOTOGRAPHY” around the outside rim because camera lenses always have little white markings on them. I had to make the “final” logo in black and white because I’m not that great at Adobe Illustrator and I couldn’t capture the glossy coloration of the actual lens.

Anyway, let me know what you think.

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  1. I like the images of the apertures closing a lot. If the blog was about tilt shift photography I would use that, if it is about you taking tilt shift photography I would use the other one.

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