Tilt / Shift AKA “Miniature Faking”

So I guess the concept behind this not-so-great photo I made in PhotoShop is that Tilt/Shift photography is often known or described as “miniature faking.”

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4 Responses to Tilt / Shift AKA “Miniature Faking”

  1. whoa, that’s an interesting twist. i like that a lot. i can almost picture it moving like the movies do. you should mess around with that idea when you make some videos!

  2. I really like how you composed this. It’s like I’m looking through the bottom of the Eiffel Tower as a tunnel. I really like this piece and you really get me wanting to explore the shift/tilt photography. Amazing job!

  3. I like what you did with the Golden Gate bridge, at first glance it looks like it’s coming out of paintbrush.

  4. When I first saw it I thought the hand was pinching the bridge at the narrowest part, which struck me as really cool. On second look I see it’s holding a paintbrush, but the image is still nice.

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