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My Name is Tony Paulley.  I’m soft spoken one moment and then next you can’t shut me up. I like to observe people, and their interactions with the world. I am here to pursue a career in the film industry. Film is my passion and a driving force in my life.  This project is on a topic most people have probably never given much thought to. Dr. Laura Stachel has dedicated her time, effort, and life to women in countries who have no voice.  Sharing  Dr. Stachel’s story, I hope to inspire people to help others in need.


My name is Stefani Gelardi. I am a creative, driven, hardworking student here at Ex’pression college. After watching Tony’s documentary pitch I was drawn to the idea of getting something so important out there for the world to see. My house was powered by solar electricity so I have always been interested in it. This topic is one of extreme importance and I can’t wait to make something that will hopefully impact a lot of people. Being an animation major my role will consist of mostly the visual and graphic part of this project. I hope to contribute my creative ideas and mind to make this project into something visually and emotionally impactful.

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My name is Megan Williams. I am a Film student attending Expression college. After watching Tony’s pitch piece, I was deeply inspired to help make it a reality. Even though I do not know personally the hardships of labor or electricity, I feel it is a huge importance to learn and express this matter to the world so maybe some good will come out of it. I will be editing and assist filming the documentary  

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