Interview Questions

Interview questions:
What is your medical background?
What brought you to Nigeria?
What was your first impression stepping into a hospital in Nigeria? What were the conditions of the medical equipment? What are some of the problems doctors and staff runs into daily?
What are some complications during childbirth women in Africa face that women in the United States may not?
Are women in Africa reluctant to go to the hospital?
What has your work in Africa taught you?
Not everyone can say they have saved a life, how does it feel to know your efforts save lives every day?
You were named a CNN hero, what does that title mean to you?
Who is Hal? / How does it feel to share this project with your husband?
What is a Solar suitcase? / What did the first prototype look like? / How has the suitcase progressed?
What could change if more people knew about the lack of electricity in developing countries?
You are dedicating your life to help people around the world. You are taking time away from your family, time away from your own personal life, what keeps you going?
Do you have a favorite story from your work around the world?