Final Critique Notes

Mwanga Final Critique

• The voice of the lady telling the story, her audio does not match that was Dr. Laura Stachel. Sounds “thin and narrow”
• Put subtitles over the woman with the white headdress
• Make sure all audio levels are the same and flow
• Think about switching the birth clip and the factory clip
• After the story of the nurse don’t have that extra pause.
• The black spot is a little awkward, bring it in so it flows better
• Visual could hit the music exact, some of them miss
• Every time they mention the We Care Solar, feels too much like a commercial, try and cut that out a little
• Just have Mwanga, it’s not just about Dr.Laura Stachel. The story is so big. At the end maybe then have that.
• It obvious, we don’t need to say that
• Music is great but you begin to feel emotionally manipulated by it. Maybe take it out of some of the clips.
• We might have something better than the Earth, use the footage we have.
• Don’t let it be manipulative