Rough Cut Feedback

The following is a list of notes and suggestions we recieved from fellow classmates and teachers. We will take all of these suggestions and use them to really polish and improve our documentary. Overall, we feel confident about what we have so far, and are very excited to make this project something amazing and really beautiful. We received a lot of positive feedback from fellow classmates and we are excited to share our final project with everyone.

• The story line is there, people understand what our story is about
• The beginning music was effective, the music during the factory got a little loud and much. Fade it out more. Fade it in.
• Cut the factory voice over to make it flow, no “uhs” make it feel more fluent and faster.
• Subtitles over the last video footage of the woman “Happiest day of my life”
• Maybe start with darkness and baby crying rather than sunset.
• Kinetic typography timing needs to be worked out. Tie the whole “look” together, don’t let anything over power anything. Get the fonts all the same.
• Don’t let music distract in anyway, lighter possibly.
• What obstacles have they encountered?
• Tell it in a more straightforward matter, be direct with it. Don’t want it to feel like an advertisement. Her story, personal.
• Don’t worry about length right now, just make a good piece.
• Very strong
• Primary: Tell the true story, don’t let it feel manipulative