Introduction and Conclusion

A time-lapse video of the sun going down will open the documentary. The sun completes it’s cycle and welcomes darkness onto the screen. The viewer is now in darkness and the cry of a baby will get louder and louder until it is clearly audible to the viewer. The opening will present a sense of hopelessness, and the darkness will represent the fear felt everyday because of the lack of electricity. The first voice that will be heard ( besides the cry of the baby) will be that of our narrator introducing our core concept. We want it to be clear and direct so that right away the viewer is introduced to the problem faced in Africa.

Our conclusion will be centered around Dr. Laura Stachel’s interview discussing how We Care Solar is growing and now in 25 Countries. We will show videos and images representing the countries, and text that will provide the viewer with the name of the country. The conclusion will provide a sense of hope for the future, and the time-lapse of the sun rising will bring a feeling of warmth and calmness.