Story Elements

What’s the narrative spine of your piece?

Our narrative spine is going to be a voice over from Meredith Paulley, and a personal interview from Dr. Laura Stachel.
Who are your main characters?

Our main characters are Dr. Laura Stachel and her husband Hal.

What are your plans for getting footage besides boring talking head shots?

We have a vast archive of usable footage actually from Africa, and also an interview with Dr. Laura Stachel.  We are hoping to get some good footage from the factory where they manufacture the Solar Suitcase. Also, Tony Paulley has taken some beautiful time-lapse videos that will be used throughout.
How is conflict driving your story?

The main conflict in our story is maternal mortality. It is a theme that will be clearly presented in our film. It is the reason Dr. Laura Stachel went into Africa and will drive our piece.
What kind of change do you wish to unfold within your piece?

We would like the film to go from a lack of hope in the beginning, then develop into hopefulness.
What’s the inciting incident and point of entry in your story?

We would like to enter the story with straight up facts comparing the U.S with Africa. Also, bringing the conflict of maternal mortality in as soon as possible. Our hope is to draw the viewer in and make them feel some type of emotion.
What issues do you foresee having making your piece visually strong?

All projects will face challenges and we expect to run into some, but nothing on the visual side really poses a problem for us as of right now.

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  1. Regarding the conflict of your story and what you say above, I’d say that “maternal mortality” is a theme. By definition, the conflict of your story would involve your main character and the obstacle she must overcome to fulfill her heart’s desire.

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