Project Proposal

A Story of Ink


Sammie Fischer, Brannan Cinnamon, Jalene Lu, Casey Copeland


This documentary will be about the culture of tattoos and what makes them so special; both to the artists and the people who get them. We will focus on one of our collaborators Sammie, following him into Idle Hand Tattoo in San Francisco as gets his a tattoo. Talking to the artists (each with their own style and technique), we will learn about the art of tattooing, see the art firsthand, and hear their own perspectives of their art and the culture that surrounds it. Our friend will also reveal why he got certain tattoos and what they mean to him.

Intended Audience:

Teens and young adults, really anyone with an appreciation for art and tattoos and the artists that create them. Our audience will leave with insights on what tattoos mean to people and the artists, and why it is such a popular form of expression. They will also leave with having seen the tattoo experience and the process the artist and customers go through.


The types of audio we will use is live sound from the tattoo studio, voice-over and interview audio, and background music, most likely to be rock music to be raw, edgy, and ‘rebellious’ even, to try to match the culture of tattoos.


The film will start with Sammie, with footage of his tattoos with him talking about each one and what they mean. It will focus on him and his decision to get another tattoo, and we will get to see what factors influence that decision. We will follow him to Idle Hand on Lower Haight where he will get a new tattoo of his choosing, and our team will capture the process of a tattoo appointment, including actual tattooing footage. We will get interviews in the studio with a couple of the artists who work at Idle Hand and ask them about their work, their own tattoos, and why they love to do what they do. The tattoo appointment will be the conflict/rising action, and we will have plenty of B-roll from the tattoo studio and Haight street.

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