Tattoo & Interview

Things are rolling along; yesterday I went to Idle Hand Tattoo with Casey and managed to get a tattoo and interview with my artist Austin. All I can say is I am very happy with how things went. We got some great footage, now time to create a story out of it!

Interview Questions

Here is our list of interview questions, both for the tattoo artists and for myself. We weren’t too sure how many questions we needed, so we came up with a little more than 10 for each of them.

For the Artists

1. What was your favorite tattoo you did on someone?
2. What got you into tattooing?
3. Why did you decide to get your first tattoo?
4. Why did you choose tattoos as a means of expression?
5. What is your favorite tattoo and what does it mean to you?
6. What is special about tattoos that you don’t get in other art forms?
7. How do you choose what you want to get tattooed?
8. What do tattoos bring to our culture/society today?
9. What was your first tattoo you ever got?
10. Why did you choose to work at Idle Hand?
11. Do tattoos add anything spiritual/symbolic to your life?

For Sammie

1. What do tattoos bring to our culture?
2. Do tattoos add anything spiritual/symbolic to your life?
3. Why did you decide to get your first tattoo?
4. What is your most meaningful tattoo and why?
5. Was anyone against your tattoos? Why?
5. What do your tattoos say that you couldn’t otherwise explain in words?
6. Do you think everyone should express themselves through tattoos?
7. Why is tattooing so important to you?
8. Can you describe your first experience of getting a tattoo?
9. What do your tattoos say about you?
10. What is special about tattoos that you don’t get in other art forms?
11. Can your form of expression cost you a job in an interview?
12. How do you think society sees your form of expression? How does that make you feel?
13.Are your tattoos a form of rebellion?


Our Approach

Our approach to this documentary is simply to focus on one person: Sam Fischer (me), and gain insight on the art of tattoos from interviews with him and the artists he goes to. We will follow him on a trip into San Francisco while he gets another tattoo, ask him questions about the tattoos he already has, and find out what tattoos mean to different people while we are there. From being in the tattoo shop and interviewing artists one on one, we will show you what is so special about this form of art. Our A-roll will consist of tattooing footage and interviews, while our B-roll will have tattoos, the shop itself, and other associated clips.


Core Concept

We’ve honed down our core concept to a nice little statement. This will be the backbone of our documentary, helping us decide what makes it in and what we will need to show.

Sam Fischer shares the meaning of his tattoos and the stories behind the artists that create them.


…And One More

Valentine’s Day weekend left me with a little extra tip money back in February, so I went to Idle Hand and got a little teabag filler! I love tea – I drink it just about daily! Currently, I am working to fill in the gaps of the half-sleeve on my right arm. This one was done by Ross K. Jones at Idle Hand.

All Healed!

My rose that I got from Austin back in the beginning of February has been healed for about three weeks; I guess I got a little lazy about posting an after picture, sorry!

Here it is! It is my favorite tattoo at the moment, and I can’t wait to get more from Austin  through the years. Above it is my own design, and to the left is a rendition of California, both done by Bryan Randolph at Spider Murphy’s.healed

So Now What?

Haven’t posted in a little while, so I guess I’ll give an update on the project. After the midterm last week, all work will go towards a 1-2 minute pitch of my project. Here is a rough little storyboard I put together today for lab. I’m sure it will change as it develops, but this is the best I could come up with.

My rose from Austin is all healed up (will post a picture back at home), and I’m definitely looking to get some more art real soon (thanks Valentine’s Day weekend for keeping us restaurant servers busy and well-tipped!). I’m hoping to get in another interview with Austin in before the final, and of course start putting together my pitch as soon as I can.

Storyboard v.1

The hardest part is deciding what to get zapped on my body next!