Rough Edit

Here is a rough edit we put together of our documentary. It’s nowhere near finished, as we still need to get one or two more interviews for the project. It’s more like a guideline of what we need to fix and add or remove.

Tattoo & Interview

Things are rolling along; yesterday I went to Idle Hand Tattoo with Casey and managed to get a tattoo and interview with my artist Austin. All I can say is I am very happy with how things went. We got some great footage, now time to create a story out of it!

Core Concept

We’ve honed down our core concept to a nice little statement. This will be the backbone of our documentary, helping us decide what makes it in and what we will need to show.

Sam Fischer shares the meaning of his tattoos and the stories behind the artists that create them.


All Healed!

My rose that I got from Austin back in the beginning of February has been healed for about three weeks; I guess I got a little lazy about posting an after picture, sorry!

Here it is! It is my favorite tattoo at the moment, and I can’t wait to get more from Austin ¬†through the years. Above it is my own design, and to the left is a rendition of California, both done by Bryan Randolph at Spider Murphy’s.healed

So Now What?

Haven’t posted in a little while, so I guess I’ll give an update on the project. After the midterm last week, all work will go towards a 1-2 minute pitch of my project. Here is a rough little storyboard I put together today for lab. I’m sure it will change as it develops, but this is the best I could come up with.

My rose from Austin is all healed up (will post a picture back at home), and I’m definitely looking to get some more art real soon (thanks Valentine’s Day weekend for keeping us restaurant servers busy and well-tipped!). I’m hoping to get in another interview with Austin in before the final, and of course start putting together my pitch as soon as I can.

Storyboard v.1

The hardest part is deciding what to get zapped on my body next!


Bay Area Convention of the Tattoo Arts

While doing some research, I found the Bay Area Tattoo Convention, which up until I started getting ink I would never think about. It looks like a tattoo junkies heaven, and I’m even considering attending the convention this year. It will be held in the SFO Hyatt Regency October 25-27, and is $20 per day.

There will be special guests such as Ed Hardy himself to do a lecture and a seminar by renowned artist Shige from Yellow Blaze Tattoo in Yokohama, Japan.

Here is a short trailer of last year’s convention:

and here is the Ed Hardy seminar from last year as well: