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Processed with VSCOcam with b3 presetMy name is Sam Fischer, and I am an 18 year old Sound Arts student at Ex’pression College. I have called the Bay Area home for my whole life, and grew up loving and playing music. As I have grown older, I have expanded my horizons and interests. I also enjoy nature, drawing, tattoos, any art that stirs the soul, and anything that requires my hands and my senses. I look forward to expanding my artistic knowledge and style as I grow and learn over the years, especially while I am attending Ex’pression. I also love good food, leather, honest people, quality workmanship and products, and expanding my mind and knowledge of the world.


I’m Jalene Lu, 18 years old, female, and currently a student majoring in Game Art and Design at Ex’Pression College of Digital Arts. Since I was a little brat, I’ve always loved animation and games and how people could be inspired or moved by a movie or become immersed into the world of a character. In ten years, I would really like to see myself out there as a contractor, doing either animation or game design and making an impression on the younger generations that come to see our project. In my spare time I create doodles, comics of things I find funny or frustrating throughout my day, concept art, that sort of stuff. I am constantly working on making my art better.


My name is Brannan Cinnamon, Im an electronic musician from Mendocino California currently studying Sound Arts at Ex’presssion Collage for Digital Arts. I LOVE Electronic Dance Music!!!!!! I was first exposed to the world of EDM  in 2010  and since then I have been obsessed with the world of digital music production. I believe that Electronic Dance music is a spiritual technology, that is allowing humanity to reach new levels of conciseness! Exploring the healing frequencies of dance and electronic music has taught me more about myself, and my connection to the universe than I could have ever imagined.


I’m Casey Copeland, an 18-year-old artist from the San Francisco Bay Area. I go to Ex’pression College because I want to learn techniques to enhance my overall musical production quality. My goal is to be an artist, but I’m using Ex’pression as a means to learn studio skills so I can still be in the music business as a backup. Ten years from now, I want to be signed to a label that lets me do what I want creatively and doesn’t try to take too much control. I also want at least one Grammy and to host SNL by that time. My biggest influences are probably Weezer, J. Cole, Lykke Li, Kids These Days, and Kid Cudi, among others. I listen to a somewhat wide array of genres and all of them influence me in one way or another, no matter how small. Simply put, I just like to create good music. I mainly stick to hip-hop/rap because that’s what I think I’m best at, but good music in itself doesn’t have a genre. It just means it’s enjoyable, and that’s all I can really hope to create.

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