Rough Cut Critique Notes

change frame rate and size to regular lmw2a sizes
liked the transitions
sammie needs to talk to more about the story (process, steps, and individuality)
focus a lot on sammie
b-roll is good
some of transitions are gross. unprofessional, generic, straight out of the box
ask different customers and how they feel
touch up on other people, ask one question (why you get your tattoo bro?)
-austin’s customers ask why they chose him
-music needs to ride lower when ppl are talking
-get to know sammie, that moment when he first got a tattoo
-what it was like to make that decision
-what made you add more?
-represent more styles, get some crazy variations
-ken burns, push ins/out, subtle ones, insert in interviews
-too much in the day of a life of a guy with tattoos
-really bad tattoos show
-don’t make the regret of tattoo part not too big focus. puts a bit of a negative aspect on it.
-hear from sammie’s DAD!!
-visually everything is crisp and awesome, but add motion graphics on 3d gun and how it works.
-the shots of SF doesn’t support story.
-favorite tattoos in the beginning.
-get to know relationship between austin and sammie
-don’t focus on permanence

Rough Edit

Here is a rough edit we put together of our documentary. It’s nowhere near finished, as we still need to get one or two more interviews for the project. It’s more like a guideline of what we need to fix and add or remove.

The Beginning and Ending of our Film

In a group discussion, we decided that the beginning of the film would be an introduction to Sam, making him the main character of the documentary’s story. He would show his tattoos and make the core concept clear. At the end, Sam has a quote of how society may think that it’s weird or disturbing to tattoo yourself, but to him it’s beautiful.