Rough Treatment


The camera walks into each of the musicians’ rooms and scans the surroundings while audio of the musicians play in the background, introducing themselves. Footage of each musician getting situated in their respective rooms is seen sequentially.  


Gazing through the doorway, Jonny is seen picking up his guitar, getting situated next to his computer, as he opens up youtube to start learning the songs he listens to. He starts playing the part and then while we watch him play, he starts to talk about his “rituals”, so-to speak, that he undertakes when he has a session in his room. He’ll delve into how he goes about writing music in his room and where he searches for inspiration.


Kweskid and illMalek of the Rebels take out their notebooks and start rehearsing to themselves the rhymes they’re thinking of using on the beats slapping out of the studio speakers. Kevin throws some ideas at them about the progression of the song. The Rebels each enter the vocal booth individually, one after the other, and lay down a few runs of their verses. Afterwards, they begin to discuss the process of writing lyrics and them attaining their inspiration.


Kevin discusses working in a home studio and how he goes about making a beat. He messes with levels on his mixing board, getting ready to lay down the instrumental tracks. Different sound effects are heard as he hits the keys of his keyboard.


At the end we will quickly cut between shots of all the musicians as they explain their priorities and plans for the future and end the film with some uplifting words and inspiring music.


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