The first product that I would like it do a review on is the ZOOM R8. The R8 is a light weight, portable, multi-track recorder. I have messed with many ways to record my music and the easiest and most enjoyable technique for me has been using the audio recorder app on my phone. All you have to do is press the record button, play a tune, and press stop. I recorded tracks on my phone for about a year until I bought the R8. This product is just about as easy as recording on my phone.

Here are some specs from

  • Simultaneous 2-track recording and 8-track playback
  • 2×2 USB audio interface
  • Control surface compatible with most DAW software
  • 8-voice sampler with 8 beat pads
  • Built-in rhythm machine lets you create you own beats
  • Built-in, high-sensitivity stereo microphones
  • Over 140 DSP effects including guitar and amp models
  • Supports SDHC cards up to 32GB
  • Rapid file transfer with high-speed USB
  • Versatile inputs for guitars, mics, and line sources
  • Tuner and metronome functions
  • Powered by AC adapter, batteries, or USB

There are so many possibilities with this product so I can only write about a few.

Let's say that you are a violin player and you wrote a song with five violin parts. This means that you have five layers that you need to record on top of each other. You can plug your headphones up to the R8 and set a metronome for your song. Press record and play. The R8 has 2 condenser mics built in to it so you do not need a microphone. Once you're done you can restart the track you recorded and record another layer of violin over it on a separate track. Once you have all of the tracks you want in your song you can go in and EQ each track and if you want to you can add effects to each track as well. So once you're satisfied with your song you bounce it out to your SD card and youre done. So if you don't mess up on any of your 5 violin parts and the song is 4 minutes long, it would take you about 30 minutes to record a song and put it on computer.

The R8 is a must for the novice bedroom musician.

heres the link to a track i did on the R8.

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  1. Kyle Clay says:

    Thanks Eliot. About to post that right now.

  2. Post Grammy – have you seen the buzz about Skrillex and his comments on bedroom musicians? Do a google search! And check out the Electronic Musician interview where he talks about his start as a bedroom musician.

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