Project Proposal

Title: A Work in Progress

Collaborators: Crown Duck Productions: Dylan Schrader, Juan Perez, MariaElena Gil, and William Garcia

Overview: This film will be about "Animation in Game Design", specifcally chronicling Juan's efforts to 3D model, while learning about his passion and desire for Game Design; what it means to him and what it means in general. 

Intended Audience: Age Range of 12+, Groups interested in gaming, technology, digital art/animation, 3d modeling 

Objective of Film: This film intends to tell the story of fulfulling a dream. By following Juan's desire to become a game designer, and to hone his skills as a 3D modeler, we will take a dive into the world of pursuing one's dreams, one's passions.

Soundtrack: Modern/simple music, some technological sounding pieces

Treatment: Firsthand experience on what it takes to be a Game Designer. Juan wants to be a digital artist; he wants to be the guy who 3D models, who animates, who breathes life into the immersive and expansive world of video games. This film will depict what it's like to think the way a digital artist does; to see what it's like to want to create immersive and expansive worlds, and just how hard and taxing this can potentially be. 

There are not just "writer's block"-esque struggles. Struggles lie in patience, in understand the program that allows 3D modeling, to understand the fundamentals of drawing and perceiving and translating that into a 3D program and modeling. These challenges are pretty staggering, and may be a little vexing to handle. One of the strongest struggles is time consumption. Will Juan have the patience to spend hours after hours perfecting the smallest detail on a character that may or may not even be noticed? How can people possibly have this patience? These are aspects the film hopes to encapsulate, as it is this type of patience that proves to be the foundation of any artist out there.