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My dog; the best dog ever     

This is my dog, Frosty, and I. Took this at home, third week of July. He is handsome and he is Frosty. Frosty's a big part of who I am today since I got him in December of 2015. To nurture and care for him has been a slight trial; more treat. One of my secret sources of inspiration! 

My name is Dylan Schrader. I am twenty-three years old, and have been interested in Game Design for practically as long as I can remember. What brings me to Ex'pression College is my desire to create. I like to think that I have at least a decent imagination; all in all, I enjoy imagining, so regardless of the quality of said imagining, it is something I love to do. Even if I wanted to, I couldn't stop. It's pretty much second nature at this point. Working at a restaurant, and being overall frustrated with my schooling situation, I decided that I didn't want to wait anymore. I was constantly question what I was doing with my life, as I'm sure we've all been at some point. Working a lot, justifying that decision by saying that I'll save all this money for school; basically postponing this expedition for what seems to me, right now, for no reason.  So, I decided to look around. I wanted to do some research; check out what schools offered a program like this. I want to write, to create, to think up/imagine, with other people who are just as passionate about this sorta thing as me, all kinds of different stories and worlds. That search led me to Ex'pression, fairly quickly, might I add. One thing led to another, and now I'm here. I am nervous, but also very excited… Eventually, I'll truly see what this opportunity brings. I doubt I'll be disappointed. 

What drives me creatively, I suppose, are video games! The catalyst of this drive, I can say with absolute certainty, is The Legend of Zelda. When I first played that game… Well, quite simply, it blew my mind. It sucked me in, the immersion. I cared about what I was doing, why I was doing it, the people I was doing it for. The history of the land, the trials my adventures brought, overcoming those trials. It was all simply amazing. Ever since then (I was about three-four years old at the time of my first Zelda adventure), I had played video games for something other than just to pass time/have fun. Recreational fun, I suppose. Though I admit, there is recreation in the fun I have theorizing or just simply creating my own histories, personalities, etc, for whatever character I am playing as, given the type of game; maybe even NPCs get some self-created history, given they don't have enough backstory in the game itself. There is more than just a professional drive for me. These things are just fun! I love doing this. And overall, I think that is the true motivating factor I have to attending Ex'pression College to become a Game Designer. It is fun, I like doing it, I think I can and am good at it, and I would like to do it for as long as this life will have me. What drives me creatively is my creative desire to be creative… To put it simply.


This is a picture hanging outside on the wall, in the Ex'pression Parking Lot. I look at this every time I pass by it. I like the motion capture part of the picture, but what really gets to me is Steven Spielberg's quote. I am equally jealous of Steven Spielberg as I am inspired by him (I would love to be able to say that!!) 

With all of that said, I think it is pretty clear what I would like to do as a career. About ten years from now, maybe give or take five (I am patient), I would like to be a Game Designer. Maybe working for a company, or even starting one? I have never taken a business class, so I wouldn't necessarily know where to begin with that, but perhaps if I meet the right friends, that would be a possibility. I usually don't look that far ahead in my life… Which may complicate things more than simplify them, but whatever; that's Future Dylan's problem, I suppose! 


This is the newest The Legend of Zelda game coming out, sometime next year I believe: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I am very excited for this game… It looks groundbreaking and like a trip back to what made Zelda, well, Zelda! I zoomed in on a poster I saw at GameStop for this. 

Talking about my biggest influences is like listening to a broken record. I would say that The Legend of Zelda is probably my biggest influence. The biggest, and probably first. It's what introduced me to gaming, pretty much (excluding the Sonic CD game I had on my grandma's PC; that was my first ever video game, and led to my Nintendo 64 a couple years later, on which I played The Legend of Zelda for the first time). Other than that, other things I'd say is not just video games, but movies, too. I have a lot of favorite movies that have been influences on my imagination for years; since I was a kid! The Terminator and The Mummy (With Brendan Fraiser) are two examples of my favoritest movies that I think have been a great influence. Going back to video games, I would also say the Uncharted series is another big influence, particularly for it's very strong narrative structure. The game is known fairly well for being like a Hollywood film. It's pacing, acting/voice acting, how it's directed; it's all amazing to not just play, but to watch! 

What I create, or would like to, I should say, are characters, worlds, stories, and emotions. What I particularly like about the stories and about video games is how they make me feel; or how it makes anyone feel, really. For example, when I show my girlfriend something (a movie, a moment in game, etc), I ask her what she thought about it. That's probably my favorite part, beside, of course, hyping over super cool parts/characters in something. How she feels, what she thinks, what she didn't think, what she wants to know. I want to create things that make people feel the way I do about these things. 

That's as good a place as any to stop… I think I've talked enough, anyways! If anyone read this entire thing, or even skipped to this last sentence, thanks very much. I hope you all achieve the dreams that you've set out for! I've recently realized just how important that is for someone to do… So do whatever it takes to get there. 


Hello my name is MariaElena 

I live in Bay Point CA, Im attending Expression college to build and expand my creativity.

My drive for creativly comes from inpsiation of wanting to succeed and do BETTER in life

In 10 years I see myself Directing, Writing,Editing,Acting in Films working for self and loving what I do

My biggest influences would be My Parents and their sacrifices to make my life a little less challenging

I create Film, Documentaries, Scripts, Entertainment, Emotion, the Whole Enchilada

You can always catch me eating either pizza or chinese food Im a normal typical girl trying to make my own dreams come true



Hi, I'm Juan Perez!

Working as a student, although sometimes troublesome, can be an extremely great experience for me. Coming to Ex'pression I can guarantee is going to be a stepping stone and life changing part of my life, I can say I'm prepared to tackle whatever is thrown at me while I'm here, but I'd be lying, I hope whatever happens while I'm here exceeds all of my expectations because I know that can make my experience here all the more better. I'm striving to become a great, if not the greatest, Game and Art Designer there is, so I'm willing to do everything I can to reach that goal.

Born in San Bernardino California, June 1997, my life experiences have varied in many different ways. Culture changes, significant moments, and many other events have shaped me into the person I am today. At the age of around 5 my family moved to San Juan de los Lagos, Jalisco, in Mexico, there I met majority of my family to whom I became very attached. When I reached the age of 11 myself, parents and sister moved back to California to live with my uncle until my father could obtain a better job. The change of culture was a very drastic one, many things are different from what they are in Mexico, and having to learn an entire new language in a short period of time is no easy task, but to do well in school it was absolutely necessary. Starting high school I began working towards my bigger goals, I spent a lot of time working on sketches in order to improve my drawing skills, with each passing high school year those skills improved significantly but not to the point I felt I was good in. Thanks to friends and the great strides the gaming industry was taking a passion for video games started developing for me, the idea of being able to create your own worlds, your own stories, to bring your own ideas to life fascinated me, thus I decided to pursue a career in which I could do just that, mixing my passion for drawing and games I decided I wanted to become a game and art designer.

High school was very disappointing in my experience, alhtough I met a lot of people, made some great friends and had a lot of fun experiences high school was not what I was expecting it to be, I don't know exactly how to describe my high school experiece, but if I were to put it into one word I'd say 'dull'. High school just was not as exciting, or as eventful as I expected it to be. 

After high school I decided to take a break from school in general, I was in and out jobs, trying to gain more experiences in my own way than I did in high school, I do believe that I learned more and had more fun after high school.

My family has always been my greatest support, I know from personal experience that no one will support me as mcuh at anything the way my family does, my little sister, Lesley, is always there to make me laugh, my mom, Imelda, is always there to guide me in the correct path, my father, Juan, is always there to provide me with anything I need, mainly experience. I can never be truly thankful for what they do for me, anmd they're the main reason as to why I want to become someone they can be proud of and that they can rely on, so that I can pay them the debt I owe them even though I know I will never be able to pay it off. 

In the future I hope to be working for a renowned company that creates games. More and more people are starting to enjoy the games that are released every year and praise the creators for the amazing work they do and all the effort they put into making those games, I want to get that satisfaction as well, of making something people love and can't stop playing, the satisfaction of bringing enjoyment to all gamers, so in the future I will be doing something I love and that I'm passionate about, and even after I achieve that goal I plan to keep improving to revolutionize my work and the work of others.

This is just a fraction of who I am, I will refrian from saying anything more about myself because I believe that personal introductions are what allow two or more people to be closer than what a screen can tell you about that person.




My name is William Josue Garcia and I am studyimg for game design. My parents are from Guatemala and they move to California to get jobs.

I decided to studied in Ex'pression College because I want to learn about creating game and earn more ideas of what I can create. I want to do game design because I am more into games than anything else and also the stories behind each games.

I saw videos of behind scenes of call of duty black ops 3 and it caught my attencion when they showed other people creating the map and put out some different ideas into it. When I played Uncharted, they leave such an awesome views and how descriptive they were making it looks so realistic, it inspire me to do something like that.

In ten years, I hope that I get myself into bigger companies like bungie, ubisoft, or activision. Also create my own games. Or maybe start creating my own company and hire my frieneds to create there own ideas

My biggest influence was nintendo because nitendo has the ideas of making thir games fun and able to play with friends or family. I remember that my brothers and I used to play super smash bros and we had a lot of fun which influences me to do something about that.