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[To prevent confusion: Top left = #1, then it’s #2, Dragon = #3, sword/shield = #4]


So, I discovered today that Adobe Illustrator is very confusing for me… and a little less fun than Photoshop. Regardless, I enjoyed the time I spent with my logos. Albeit, they are very simple in design (one of the many indicators that I had a little difficulty understanding just what Adobe Illustrator was trying to tell me), I think they actually speak volumes about my thought processes and how I like things. 

Avant Garde Studios is kind of a joke, but I really liked the sound of it. I, along with my best friend, usually use the term "Avant Garde" when trying to sound overly sophisticated, or when trying to explain something, and when they don't understand, we explain how that makes sense because the idea is too "unique," or Avant Garde. With that in mind, that's what I was going for. A term to describe my desire to make things that are unique, and sophisticated, but also extremely simple, and easy to understand. I expressed this by making the term "Avant Garde" a unique, anciently medieval font, and then near-lazily slanting them at opposing angles. After that first test, I decided to stop. It looked good to me! I then separated the unique title from it's subtitle, "Games." That's what I want to make the most, so, to tell people I'm a Game Designer, I added "Games." Very straightforward. 

For my second logo, I created a shield-like diamond shape adorned with a reath. I mainly tried to express some form of heraldy I hope to have, not just in general, but reflected in my work. Maybe tell some lessons in my games and stories… Have something worth learning. Heralds were messengers, so I tried to make a symbol that I felt had heraldy, along with some chivalry. So it has a tiny bit of a medieval feel.

My third design (and maybe my favorite) is Dragon Tattoo Studios. Just a really cool, sleek silhouette of a dragon with the title right next to it. This one is probably the simplest of all, but I think it's really cool. I may even use this logo someday, honestly… 

Last, but not least, is Last Hero Productions. The Last Hero is a story idea I have, actually… Not a finished one. Barely started, honestly. But with this logo, I really wanted to express the side of my favorite setting: medieval/medieval fantasy. Sticking within my skill limit, aka keeping it simple, I added my favorite weapon set (Sword and shield) and styled it after an old logo for The Legend of Zelda. Specifically, the logo comes from Link's Awakening. I also wanted to characterize that these weapons belonged to a lone wandered. A knight whom has nothing left but his armor and his weapons. He's the Last Hero, of sorts, in a dangerous world. When/if I get better at designing these, Last Hero Productions is the logo that I'll expanded upon. 

Hello! It’s Me

My name is Dylan Schrader. At Ex'pression College, I hope to become a Game Designer. My goal is to be apart of the writing/world building team. I love to imagine and brainstorm awesome ideas about story, characters, and lore. I believe this is my strongest point of imagination, and I cannot wait to apply this skill someday.