Intro and End Guesses

For the intro, I wanted a brief introduction into Juan's character. How he's always wanted to be an artist, even if at the time he didn't know what kind, and how now, he is impressed with games and Game Design. At the end, he mentions how he isn't doubtful of fulfilling this dream, but he is nervous. Nervous, moreso, about the atmosphere of college rather than the actual pursuit of the dream itself. This, in turn, represents the movie in general. 

The end will show the results of the actual character model; it will reveal how Juan feels about his project, and how he feels in general about pursuing a career in doing this. He plans on having a full workload (getting into ALL aspects of Game Design); so we'll see how he feels about that post-project! The deadline admittedly stressed him out, but all in all, he had fun with it. Originally, he wanted to make an animation of Goku fighting Majinn Buu, but due to ability (or lack thereof) and time contraints, he could only get what he could of the character model done. All in all, what started as a passion for drawing has turned into a passion for world creating, and this creation of Goku is his first step in realizing this.