Story Structure

The film will start off describing Juan's passion: Drawing and Game Design. Showing that the best way this comes together is through 3D modeling, we will show Juan's drawings, some examples of Juan and gaming, and Juan's personal project, before even being officially taught how to 3D model: His own 3D model of Goku from Dragon Ball Z. 

After getting to know what Juan likes and what he is determined to do, the film will show just how hard things like this are. For some people, follow one's dreams is easy as pie. Flowing through the motions of life, one day at a time, things just natrually seem to work out for them. Ex: Monty Oum and his animated series "RWBY." He was a self-taught animator. He desired to be an animator, and just did it. He taught himself everything he knew. This passion is symmetrical with Juan; however, he begins to show a little nervousness and frustration with its difficulty. Queuing some dialouge from a teacher reference (getting another, more professional perspective on following ones dreams and the hardships of passion), and some more info from Juan (maybe even some of us), we get footage of Juan's process on his character modeling. Juan isn't sure if he can finish the model before the deadline… but is determined to try his best. 

By the end of the film, no matter how hard or frustrating it got, Juan was and is determined to learn as much as he can from this. Whether or not he finishes the product, he made progress, and learned precisely what it takes to get into this field. His dream is to create, to dream for a living; in order to fulfill this dream, it will require time and patience.