Monthly Archives: September 2016

Change of Topic

We have decided to change our topic. The VR topic had potential, but practically every single plan fell through, so a change of direction was seen as necessary. 

One thing that we think everyone here at Expression College appreciates is the pursuit of your dreams. Making dreams a reality is something that we all hope to achieve someday, and we take those steps every second we are enrolled at Expression. To me, the pursuit of one's dream is the ultimate goal of our lives, and our film now hopes to encapsulate this sort of feeling as best as possible. 

Our new topic is on Digital Art in Game Design. The Core Concept of this new topic is to tell the story of the passion and struggle of getting into digital artistry and game design. No matter how much somebody wants to do something, and no matter how fun or cool it looks on the internet or sounds from a professional, 3D modeling and animation is difficult. It requires patience, dedication, and a whole lot of time (not to mention a steady hand and a good eye for detail). These hurtles can be hard to jump over, and can even demoralize someone trying to get into the field. Using Juan Perez as our subject, we hope to break down exactly what makes him move forward; his drive. To find out just exactly he expects out of this field and what it means to him. Simply, this film is going to be about what it takes to dream, and what it takes to make this dream a reality.