Monthly Archives: July 2016

Photoshop Collages

Future of Gaming

For my first collage (above), I wanted to kind of display the fantasy aspect of Virtual Reality as best as possible. So, naturally, I used a few sci-fi elements, added into a fantasy background. Of course, my topic being Virtual Reality, I had to throw in a girl (who looks suspiciously like Alison Brie) wearing a VR device, as if she is experiencing the game for herself. VR will be the future of gaming, and with gaming as a priority of mine, I decided to make it my first collage. 

Future of Society and Technology

For my second collage, I wanted to touch on the aspects of how VR will shape the way communication works. The way society will operate'll be shaped by the quickly advancing technology of VR. For example, using the world of the internet, that blonde lady is able to talk directly to President Barack Obama… from anywhere in the world! She could be anywhere, and he could be anywhere, but they're speaking as if they're right in front of each other. Amazing stuff. Also, I had a little more fun with this one. Background is Neo, from the Matrix, a comical yet almost literal translation of what this collage represents, and that man shoving his face right through his laptop screen… again, a comical, yet almost literal representation of what I am trying to express. I think comedy is a good form of expression, as long as its focus is clear and easy to understand. Or, if it can at least be explained. 



This one is simple! I wanted to make a futuristic-looking collage to express the future that VR can bring, and that the future will bring VR. VR will be used for a variety of aspects in life in the coming future (which I hope to express later on). A bunch of futuristic, screenless windows of the internet popping up everywhere, the man wearing a VR device, and butterflies are fluttering around his head, being able to physically click on the button you want to click on, with your virutal hand in virutal reality (so easy, even a dog can use it). The future is a big aspect of my topic and what I'm trying to talk about. It was only natural that I made this my last collage. 

Hello! It’s Me

My name is Dylan Schrader. At Ex'pression College, I hope to become a Game Designer. My goal is to be apart of the writing/world building team. I love to imagine and brainstorm awesome ideas about story, characters, and lore. I believe this is my strongest point of imagination, and I cannot wait to apply this skill someday.