Final Critique Notes

* Add Subtitles

* Shorten length of music on 2nd song

* Control peak of trumpets

* More cutaways during 2nd interview

* Possibly save the jump off camera and quote till the end.

* Cut out unnecessary scenery footage.

* More footage of Antoine dancing by himself when he is teaching his class

* More supporting short cuts about African Culture

* More press about Antoine

* Gentle fade in’s between dialogue and music

Beginning and End

This post describes our best guess for the beginning and end of our film:

Beginning: The piece will open with our logo/motion graphic, followed by shots of Antoine Hunter our subject. We want to bring out a sense of emotion in the viewer, without giving away who he is yet. This will all be followed by an introduction of Antoine Hunter (A quote from Antoine).

Ending: The piece will end with Antoine discussing his goals into the future, and looking back on how far he has come. Simultaneously we will repeat shots from the opening of the film. Finally, an Ira Glass quote VO will play in the background as the film cuts to black.

Storytelling Elements

Narrative Spine – Antoine’s consistent pursuit and successes of his dreams.

Main Characters – Our main character for the piece is Antoine Hunter and his childhood dance teacher. We plan on shooting some footage of him preforming, his studio, and an interview. We will also have Antoine’s old music teacher instructing a class at Oakland School(of the)Arts and an interview with him as well. There is also prior footage of him dancing from the proposal.

Conflict – The main conflict driving our story, is the conflict between Antoine and the common misconception that being deaf means your different. Another conflict that is relevant is how Antoine taught himself how to dance despite not being able to hear the music he is dancing to.

Change –

Inciting Incident – Antoine’s mother took him to the ballet in Oakland and that same day he fell in love with dance.

Possible issues – Antoine has a really hard time scheduling, so me may have scheduling conflict. Other than that, we see no serious problems into the future.

Our Approach

Our film will take the approach of an intimate portrait of Antoine Hunter, that is portrayed in a stylized way. Interviewees, Verite, and the voice of god will tell the story, heavily supported by the imagery and music. There will be on and off text on screen, both quotes and subtitles.

Prod. Elements: live shooting, time lapse, interview footage, voice over, still photographs, music, adr, Foley, archive

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