Here is a list of word that I’ll be using as I talk and explain what shipping is. I will try to make the definition of each word as simple as I can so you can understand if you are not sure what any of these words mean.

AU (Alternate Universe) – changing something from the characters past that would give them a different life

BrOTP (Bromance One True Pairing) – a pairing of two guys that you see as being best friends forever

Canon – a pairing fans have shipped and in the show they confirmed that the couples in the pairing are together

Crackship – a pairing of a couple that you wish to see happen but the characters in the pairing have nothing in common and or the¬†characters are in two different universes and it’s impossible to see them together

Cross-overs – having characters from a show go into another show

Fan Made – fans make videos about their pairings

Fanart – fans draw the pairings together

Fandom Рa group of fans who are into the same show and the show is a kingdom to them, a kingdom of fans

Fanfiction – stories fans make to see their pairing together

Fangirling/boying – a fan being really excited about something happening in their fandom

Fanon (Fan Canon) – fans make up facts about a pairing that they ship, the facts they made up aren’t real but if you rewatch the show and notice their facts could be true but the show hasn’t confirmed it to be a canon

Feels – it’s saying that something was really emotional to them

Headcanon – a fact in someone’s head about a show that hasn’t become a fanon or canon, yet

NoTP (No True Pairing) – a pairing that people ship but you can’t see them ever being together or you don’t like them being together

OC (Original Character) – a character of yourself that you made to be in a show you love

OTP (One True Pairing) – your favorite pairing that you REALLY REALLY want to see happen more than any other pairing you ship

Platonic Ships – a pairing that you can only see the characters being friends

Romantic Ships – a pairing that you see being together and getting married and having kids

Rule 34 of the internet – if you can think of a pairing there are images of it

Shipping – a pairing of a couple that you wish to see happen or be together

Slash Fanfiction – pairings of characters of the same gender being in a romantic ship

Yaoi – boy with boy or a gay couple

Yuri – the female version of yaoi, girl with girl