Here’s an idea of how my video will look like. I’ll start with questions about shipping, random people will be asked the question first and then we’ll ask experts who know shipping really well the same questions. After that we’ll define the words or words we didn’t get again and show some pairings that follow that word.


These are some places where shippers will go to. I’ve had many encounters in Barens & Noble when I was just reading books and we would go on with long conversations about the characters in the book, who we like, who we hate, who we ship, and what we think will happen at the end.

Some Fandoms

These are some books that start fandoms which lead to making shippings. It doesn’t always have to book, but that’s where most of them come from. They can be from TV shows, movies, or anything that has characters in them that people can ship together.




I made the logo a ship because it’s called shipping and we pair couples in ships or OTPs, one true pairing. There’s a heart on the sail to represent love for the pairing. The one with the circle puzzle I really love because it could be a pin or badge for all shippers.



I put ‘One True Pairing’ for the inside of the heart and ‘OTP’ for the outline of the line. For the sail, I put two different blues and formats of the word ‘Couples’. The boat is made up of the word ‘Fandoms’ with four different browns. For the background, I made it look like the ship was in an ocean and I also made a horizon so you can see the sky, too.


These are a couple of pictures of my shippings. I have many more, but I couldn’t fit them all in. So I put some of my shippings in the header.

Ideas For A Topic

Most of my topics involve interviewing someone for companies I would like to work for. One I would love to do an interview with one of the designers of Final Fantasy. I would ask them about details about the characters and landscapes. I would also ask how does it feel to work with Square Enix. Another person I would interview would be designers at Pixar. See how they make the details on the characters. I would of wanted to do an interview with Monty Oum, who created Dead Fantasy and RWBY, but I could interview another designer from Roost Teeth. I could also ask them questions about how Monty worked, too.