There are many different kinds of fangirling/boying. Here are a couple of things that happen when a fan is fangirling/boying:

  1. Waving their hands around and jumping up and down, is always the start
  2. They start to scream with excitement and smile a lot
  3. As they talk they will increasingly talk faster
  4. They will stop talking and try to catch their breath
  5. They may have some tears on their face and it’s okay they’re not crying they’re just really happy
  6. But if they see their favorite actor or actress then their whole face will start to tear up and making themselves speechless and crying




Every fangirl/boy might say “the feels they hurt” or “the feels, the feels, there’s too many feels.” It’s just an expression of saying “my heart it can’t take it anymore,” it’s to show your emotions on how you’re feeling about either the show, movie, book, anime, etc. or your shipping.

Yaoi and Yuri

Yaoi – Boy X Boy

Yuri – Girl x Girl

Yaoi is slang in Japanese for “boy love” or homosexuality. Yuri is the female version. It’s usually pretty graphic and on the internet it’s difficult to avoid, no matter how good of filters you have on your computer. Yaoi is extremely popular with fangirls because they like seeing their favorite anime guys together. You MUST learn what these definitions are before someone shows you something that you won’t forget.




Two characters or people that aren’t together and never will be under any circumstance. A legit crackship is one that probably won’t happen, but it’s not necessarily impossible. There’s not really any reason the characters aren’t together other than the fact they simply don’t feel that way about each other.