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“Ask me who I am and why i smoke or mark my body, what I care about. Isn’t it all arbitrary, does it really matter more over do you care. Honestly it doesn’t matter we are human but not all of us are humane and I just want to get in where i fit in at the top of this food chain I just want to be myself and accept people for who they are. Nothing more granted or need, tell me your story, teach me your craft, elaborate on your dreams or what they were, then lets get into asking why it’s not possible or improbable for the American Dream to slightly change or at least give the little guy a fighting chance without taking the being and doing away with whom they are.” Dean Harvey.


I am Sam, Sam I am, and yes, I have had green eggs and ham. More pertinently I am a 24 y/o drummer and Sound Arts student at Ex’pression College. Music has been central to my upbringing and attitude. My favorite music shifts between Punk, Hip Hop and Electronic music. Anger and rage is central in the first two and well expressed in Dubstep. My goal is to make music that moves people to get up and react to the information or noises I create. As you continue to read, it will only get clearer. IMG_0988


Adobe Illustrator practice

I’m Eric Lozano a 22 year old Game Art and Design student at Ex’pression Collage. If you couldn’t tell from my major I am very passionate about games and have played many kinds. In time I learned more about video game production and appreciated the developers hard work that goes into making them. This is one of the reasons that drive me on this path.Room Project Dojo 01



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