Aug 05


Copwatch is an activist organization that started in March, 1990 in Berkeley, California. They formed as a response to the violent tactics that the police use on the homeless. The group’s mission is to document police interactions via video so as to provide material evidence in cases of alleged police brutality. This is something we can all do every day to ensure the police are not using excessive force. Everyone changes with a camera on them.

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  1. Melissa Gainer

    Hi Sam, I think it would it would be beneficial to your project if you try to explore different ways different police departments deal with homelessness in the country. Surely not all departments throughout the country deal with the issue the same way. What are the good things that they do? What needs to be changed? While assuming a more objective view point, explore police training methods. Start at the source of the issue. What needs to be added to police training that would better equip them to deal with homelessness in a more compassionate way?
    Also, remember. You’re arguing that homeless people are people too. People that need more compassion shown to them. While I agree, I hope you remember that police serve a very important role in society, and even though they aren’t always right, and do not always handle situations appropriately, they are people to. With a different perspective that could help you help the homeless.


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