Oct 26

Production Checklist


Oct 21

Final Critique Notes

Final Critique

Music, maybe replace copyrighted material
Statistics text
Some question text is good


Less Text More B-roll for transitions
Don’t animate the text

Oct 01

Potential Introduction and Conclusion

We would like to start the piece with a shot of the Earth, zooming down to a satellite view of Center St. A montage of homeless people with a voice over would follow leading up to Sam Gearing walking toward the camera finishing the V.O. that introduces the topic. Then we would introduce the characters and situations with bits of interview and stills.


The conclusion would have a reverse shot going up from Center St. to the world view, while V.O. explains that Center St. is a micro view of a macro problem. Recap causes/solutions with bits of stills and interviews of main characters Nomad and Mike.

Sep 24

A State of Emergency

As the homeless population grows ever more some cities are announcing a state of emergency. Los Angles is one city that has announced this as well as a plan to move the homeless off the streets.


Sep 24

When is it Enough?


When losing your home and friends is not enough you can always count on your community to make things worse. Even when banning together with peoples in similar circumstances trial, tribulation and the strong arm of the law are not far behind. Read this article to see one version of this injustice.   article-integrity

Sep 24

Employed and Homeless

It is a popular myth that the solution to homelessness is employment. The reality is that even full-time employees making more than the minimum wage can face the unsheltered reality of big city living. With Bay Area rents surging skywards, even people with cushy jobs can’t find affordable housing.


Sep 24

Story Elements

Narrative Spine

Short intro with professionals about the state of bay area homelessness.

Introduction of characters.

These individuals will persent their circumstances and past from birth to their first period of homelessness.

They will talk about their struggles with homelessness. How they survive, the dangers.

The future Ideal situations, solutions, and ways to get there.

Professionals will discuss solutions.

Main Characters

  • Rene
  • Nomad
  • Homeless person #3
  • Tomas’s boss
  • Professional #2


Old Testament

Starts out life in a “normal” family situation. Losess housing, dignity and they are still there.


A change of perspective from apathy and ignorance to an informed realization of the homeless struggle.

Inciting Incident

Entry point is admission of homelessness.

Sep 24

Core Concept

The struggles of 2 young men who are or have been homeless, with a focus on causes and solutions.


Sep 17

Preliminary Interview Questions

Name, age, and origin.

How long have you been homeless? Why?

What’s more important food, or shelter?

If you could sit and have a conversation with anyone who would be? What would you say?

If you were the president how would end homelessness?

Sep 15

Center Street Blues Approach

Documentary approach will contain

  • Verite portrait on center street homeless population
  • Contrast to sheltered homeless
  • Multiple interviews with homeless and officials
  • Motion shots of the area of interest
  • Still shots
  • Voice Overs
  • Music

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