Here is the Final product of what the blog became after 2 more moths of class. I hope this includes all that you wanted to know about Bordertown and who will fight to keep it here!


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Sound Collage

Mix skateboarding with the sound of the crowds and this is what you get.

[soundcloud width=”100%” height=”81″ params=”” url=”″] Skateboarding Sound Collage by Stephanie_LT

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Anatomy of a Skateboard

Not many people know what components make up a skateboard. Here you go!

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Interview with Everett Coe


[soundcloud width=”100%” height=”81″ params=”” url=”″] Everett Interview by Stephanie_LT

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Outside Help

It wasn't just the locals that were part of fundraising. Spitfire, a huge brand of wheels in the skateboarding industry created wheels that were specifically made to help benefit Bordertown. Spitfire did the same thing to help out with the fundraising for the Brooklyn Banks that sits just under the Brooklyn Bridge. This legendary skate spot is now closed due to the renovations of the Brooklyn Bridge and will most likely be torn down in the process. This should show that skates pots/parks mean a lot to the skating community.

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Government Recognition

It was't just the skaters that were backing Bordertown skatepark. It was also Senator Barbara Boxer. Below is a letter that Boxer wrote to a member of Caltrans in 2005 about Bordertown Skatepark.

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Fight for what you want!

This spot is a non profit park because no one in Oakland has the money for a new skatepark that will cost a large amount of money. So Matlock and Miorana pulled together their own money and started this park. They spent 3,000 on building permits and 700 on zoning. They also has blueprints drawn up to bring the skatepark up to codes. This was another 14,000 towards the park. It wasn't just them helping to pay though Vans donated 10,000, Tony Hawk donated 5,000 and a local professional skater Karl Watson contributed 500. This money only put a dent into the amount that it was going to cost. The liability policy itself is 25 million and Caltrans offered up 2,500 towards the large number. 

The rest was in the hands of Matlock. With the help of local skate shops in the Bay Area they threw fundraisers, benefit shows and raffles to help offset the cost and to keep Bordertown alive!

Here are a few flyers from the benefit shows:

Each show helps to benefit Bordertown and the costs of keeping it from being demolished in the last 5 years. This should show the dedication that these skaters have to keeping this place open. 

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More than locals…

You may think that there are only locals that come to skate this spot but that's wrong. Thrasher Magazine has done many articles on this specific spot and has also included it into a skate video. Also another big name company that has been seen at this spot is REAL. They are a huge part of this industry and know about this spot. Below is a REAL video that was filmed at Wasteland that is the street park that is part of Bordertown.


Bordertown is not the first of its kind. There are 4 other skateparks that are well known for being "Under the Bridge" and are all as equally important. These spots are so well known that Thrasher Magazine made a full length skate movie about these spots:

  • Bordertown
  • Burnside
  • Washington Street
  • Channel St
  • FDR

These are all parks that have some of the most gnarly skating. The parks themselves are gnarly but they each have their own style. They are all about the skaters. They build these parks with their hands and include their blood, sweat and tears. These parks are made for passionate skaters by passionate skaters. 



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Media Attention


This video was posted in December 13, 2010 and plans to tear down the skatepark were only days away. For this to grab the attention of the media that must mean there is a bigger picture that not many people see. This place is where kids can come and skate in an environment that is positive. A place that they can call their own and come to as an escape. This is their playground and if it is taken away it will only make things worse. It isn't just the news or Caltrans that have taken notice but local newspapers have also taken a notice in Bordertown.



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