Project Proposal

Title: Going Rogue

Collaborators: Scott Proctor, Dorian Powell, Schuyler Rice

Overview: This project is about giving music artists power over their product and enabling them to see the royalties from their music.

Intended Audience: The audience includes the people who are interested in the music industry.

Objective of Film: The objective is to remove ignorance of the problems that music artists face in terms of sales and royalties through piracy and restrictive contracts, as well as encouraging more people to get behind this movement.

Soundtrack: Music will be from the bands involved in the record label.


We will start with the narrator giving background context on the history of the music industry in San Francisco in order to give the whole documentary a backdrop to fall upon. While he is talking, we will have some B-roll of San Francisco to provide some visualization. The narrator will then transition into a discussion about Napster in order to introduce the topic of piracy and what it does to record labels.

After that, we will cut into some interviews from random, normal people and have them say their opinion on piracy. Then, we move to Dean Martinetti, the CEO of Rogue Records and delve into what Rogue Records is and how it works. To break up this interview, we will have separate, smaller interviews that will reinforce what Dean is saying, as a way to provide evidence.

After the three sections (Dean introducing the label, Dean talking about how Rogue Records is different, and Dean talking about the struggles), we will have Snovonne, a band leader and main artist of Rogue Records, finish off the interview with a few buzz words. The narrator will then wrap up the documentary, and we fade to credits.

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