Our Approach

We plan to approach this documentary with a mixture of narration and high quality interview footage, as well as lots of B-roll that includes footage of music videos, live concerts, album covers, and stock footage of various topics. The narration will help introduce the topic at hand as well as wrap it up in a conclusion. The interview footage will go into depth about the topic that was introduced. Hopefully everything involved will work towards reinforcing the storyline we have in place to describe Rogue Records’ ideals and struggles to achieve said ideals.

Rough Cut Critique Notes

Less talking head syndrome.
More unique fonts.
Get rid of shirt phrase.
Edit lip sink on Sovonne’s interview.
More transparent in intentions, make it sound less like a promotion.
Back up dialogue with evidence.
Early on, have Dean talk about problems with record companies–“mafia”, right after, talk about his philosophy.
Have band music play when the band is speaking.

Session 6: Our Intro and Conclusion

The film will begin with B-Roll of the various bands that are in Rogue Records, which will set the tone. After enough of that, it will cut to Dean, the president of Rogue Records, who will introduce the label and describe what it is. He will also discuss the difficulties of owning a small record label, which will set up the story conflict. This will likely be backed up with infographs.

The conclusion will return to Dean, who will state possible solutions to the issues that are presented in the introduction and that are fleshed out throughout the film. It will end on a hopeful tone, stating that even though things may look grim for the label, there is always a chance that it may pull through.

A Bit of Trouble

Working on the info graphic project, I’m doing research to collect data relating to the decline of physical record sales over the past decade.  Finding information isn’t the problem.  The problem is that all the information that I find is contradictory.  The numbers are not matching.  The only reputable source that I absolutely know is from the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America).  I’m going to have to bank on them.  I’m pretty sure that their statistics are the most accurate.

A Personal Experience Related to my Topic

Last week while I was in class I got a call from Dean Martinetti the head of Rogue Records.  My band Amongst Thieves is one of the bands on the label.  He called me to update me on our bands record sales for the winter quarter of 2014.

He said that our actual record sales were way below projections.  The silver lining to that was that we set records for the amount of streaming that we accumulated.  The sources were Pandora, RDIO, Spotify, etc.  We were the highest streamed release on his label to date.  Fans may not be buying but at least they are listening.

Title idea

I’ve been toying around with ideas for titles unsuccessfully until the obvious slapped my in the face and it made total sense.

The name of the record company is Rogue Records.  Naturally, the title “Going Rogue” fits the project perfectly.

The tag line will be “Disrupting the system by giving the power to the artists”.  They are a collective of musicians that are cutting out the traditional record label entirely.

I’ll start posting my research next.

The task at hand

This is my first post for the class Living in a Media World.  We were given the task of pitching an idea for a documentary.  I’ve had several ideas pop us so far and I’m sure that a few more will surface in the weeks to come.  Here are a few of them.

  1. The evolution of the Bay Area music scene
  2. What is involved in doing a large scale projection mapping project
  3. How the collapse of the music industry is effecting unsigned acts
  4. What goes into a full scale event production

My next post will be about my background. I’ll also post more ideas with other forms of media as they come along.