Our Approach

We plan to approach this documentary with a mixture of narration and high quality interview footage, as well as lots of B-roll that includes footage of music videos, live concerts, album covers, and stock footage of various topics. The narration will help introduce the topic at hand as well as wrap it up in a conclusion. The interview footage will go into depth about the topic that was introduced. Hopefully everything involved will work towards reinforcing the storyline we have in place to describe Rogue Records’ ideals and struggles to achieve said ideals.

Interview Questions for Dean Martinetti

Do you think that the label is immune to the effects of piracy?
If not, how do you work around it?

How do you feel about the comparison of record labels and artists to exploitation?

What incited you to start up Going Rogue?

Do you think there is a way to convince people who pirate music to start buying it instead?
If not, do you have any ideas on how to prevent piracy through technological means?

What are you doing that is different from other record labels?

What challenges pop up as a result of doing things differently?
What are the risks of doing things differently?
Are there any other obstacles that you didnt expect?

***Does knowing that you will see royalties inspire you to work harder?