Session 4: Storytelling

We hope to capture the story of Going Rogue’s progress in creating a record label that actually pays the artists royalties. We plan to do this through talking about the cause for creating this label and the challenges that it faces now as well as the ones that it will have to face to become a major movement in the music industry.

The main characters within this story are the leaders of each band in the label, who then talk about their experiences within it and what their obstacles are that they must overcome. There is also talk of a mysterious masked man who will voice the perspective of pro-piracy…

Though we have plenty of interview footage, we also have plenty of B-roll involving music videos and shots of each band actually performing, thus providing stimulating content for viewers throughout the entire piece.

The conflict in the story involves the President of the label, Dean Martinetti, as he struggles to fight against the trend of declining record sales in today’s industry and creating an influential movement that changes the way things work.

We want people to get rid of their ignorance towards large companies swindling artists out of their artistic material and free will, as well as encourage people to recognize this label and start a movement that is being pioneered by Going Rogue.

The inciting incident for the creation of the independent record label was the rise of piracy as well as the constricting contracts that artists are often tricked into signing.

Overall, a problem that may come into play might be that our anti-piracy standpoint may alienate those who pirate often, so we might have to involve a viewpoint of someone who pirates music and find a way to debunk the argument without just saying, “It’s wrong.”