Rogue’s band roster

Rogue Records boasts a multi-national roster that spans over US and EU.  I would like to get a member(s) from each band to film a quick video stating why they signed with Rogue and how they feel about way things are going.

Here are the bands and links to their individual pages.  One of Rogue’s claims to fame is that they are one of the heaviest labels out there.  Be warned……LOL

  1. Synthetic Breed – Melbourne, Australia
  2. Humanity’s Last Breath –  Helsingborg, Sweden                                                                                                   
  3. Astral Display – Moscow, Russia           
  4. Means End – Stockholm, Sweden     
  5. Subversion – London, England          
  6. Dischordia – Oklahoma City, OK       
  7. Deathbreed – Sundsvall, Sweden     
  8. Snovone – Slovakia                            
  9. Nociceptor – Denton, TX                   
  10. Outrun The Sunlight – Chicago, IL                         
  11. Lies Of Nazca – Vicenza, Italy              
  12. Amongst Thieves – Oakland, CA (my band…..yah!)
  13. Akeldama – Tampa, FL