An Inspiring Movie Related to My Project

Over the weekend I happened upon a great and inspiring movie that is related to my project.  I found a documentary on Netflix called “Artifact”.  It’s the story about the band 30 Seconds From Mars and a lawsuit from EMI records suing the band for $30M.  You should really watch it to see how little a band actually gets paid.

YouTube Preview Image


I was lucky to be included with the recording of the new Machine Head album.  I learned a lot and was able to get their view on music current events.



This is an info graphic that displays the current slide of overall revenue of the music industry.  Allegedly, illegal downloading and the move to subscription streaming is to blame.



A Bit of Trouble

Working on the info graphic project, I’m doing research to collect data relating to the decline of physical record sales over the past decade.  Finding information isn’t the problem.  The problem is that all the information that I find is contradictory.  The numbers are not matching.  The only reputable source that I absolutely know is from the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America).  I’m going to have to bank on them.  I’m pretty sure that their statistics are the most accurate.

Rogue’s band roster

Rogue Records boasts a multi-national roster that spans over US and EU.  I would like to get a member(s) from each band to film a quick video stating why they signed with Rogue and how they feel about way things are going.

Here are the bands and links to their individual pages.  One of Rogue’s claims to fame is that they are one of the heaviest labels out there.  Be warned……LOL

  1. Synthetic Breed – Melbourne, Australia
  2. Humanity’s Last Breath –  Helsingborg, Sweden                                                                                                   
  3. Astral Display – Moscow, Russia           
  4. Means End – Stockholm, Sweden     
  5. Subversion – London, England          
  6. Dischordia – Oklahoma City, OK       
  7. Deathbreed – Sundsvall, Sweden     
  8. Snovone – Slovakia                            
  9. Nociceptor – Denton, TX                   
  10. Outrun The Sunlight – Chicago, IL                         
  11. Lies Of Nazca – Vicenza, Italy              
  12. Amongst Thieves – Oakland, CA (my band…..yah!)
  13. Akeldama – Tampa, FL                        



A Personal Experience Related to my Topic

Last week while I was in class I got a call from Dean Martinetti the head of Rogue Records.  My band Amongst Thieves is one of the bands on the label.  He called me to update me on our bands record sales for the winter quarter of 2014.

He said that our actual record sales were way below projections.  The silver lining to that was that we set records for the amount of streaming that we accumulated.  The sources were Pandora, RDIO, Spotify, etc.  We were the highest streamed release on his label to date.  Fans may not be buying but at least they are listening.

Title idea

I’ve been toying around with ideas for titles unsuccessfully until the obvious slapped my in the face and it made total sense.

The name of the record company is Rogue Records.  Naturally, the title “Going Rogue” fits the project perfectly.

The tag line will be “Disrupting the system by giving the power to the artists”.  They are a collective of musicians that are cutting out the traditional record label entirely.

I’ll start posting my research next.