The task at hand

This is my first post for the class Living in a Media World.  We were given the task of pitching an idea for a documentary.  I’ve had several ideas pop us so far and I’m sure that a few more will surface in the weeks to come.  Here are a few of them.

  1. The evolution of the Bay Area music scene
  2. What is involved in doing a large scale projection mapping project
  3. How the collapse of the music industry is effecting unsigned acts
  4. What goes into a full scale event production

My next post will be about my background. I’ll also post more ideas with other forms of media as they come along.

5 thoughts on “The task at hand

  1. Scott – really good writeup and bio background. You convey well how you have arrived right where you are right now. Please copy this into a page so it shows up on in the main navigation for your site! And remember to remove the sample page when you are there!

  2. Hey Scott, your music is pretty “Chugly”, or so they in Northern Virginia. (and by “they” I mean “only me”). Keep on rockin’!

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