The basis of my proposed documentary


How are independent music labels effected by the change in decline of record sales?  How is their business models changing to meet the new landscape?


The documentary will focus on a small independent record label called Rogue Records America.


The record label in focus is based in San Francisco, CA.  The bands on the label vary throughout the United States and Europe.


The business model of the record label is unlike anything that is out there at this point in time.  I want to focus on how they are innovating and how they can succeed.


The project will focus on the current state of the music industry due to the events and advances in technology.


This will broad appeal to any music fan.  It will have a larger implication for musicians, engineers, producers, record executives or business professionals


I will tell the story from the eyes of the founder of the record label.


I want to tell this story to bring exposure to how people that are passionate about music are thinking outside of the box and gambling with something new.


Rogue Records is a new type of record label.  It’s a label that was created for musicians  by other musicians.  Rogue is unique in letting musicians retain all of their publishing rights and masters.  Other larger artists have expressed how they would love for other labels to adopt this business model.  2015 will be the defining year for Rogue Records.  Only time will tell if they thrive in a new musical landscape or fall to the wayside as so many others have done in the past.

Here is some basic crap about me

Here is brief background in the history of Scott.

I am just about to turn 42 years old.  Before you ask, it didn’t take me 22 years to graduate high school.  I grew up in Huntington, WV and stayed there until I finished high school.  At an early age I spent a lot of time writing music and working on silly video projects.

I then moved to Pittsburgh, PA and attended The Art Institute of Pittsburgh where I earned a degree in Industrial Design.  I wanted to move into special effects but with all the work being on the west coast I moved into doing event work out of necessity.  I took a few live show gigs running sound and being a prop master on the east coast when I started having to pay back my student loans.

At that point I made the decision to join the Army.  I enlisted and became a Combat Engineer.  I was also a paratrooper attached to the 82nd Airborne Division out of Ft Bragg, NC.  I stayed there for three years.  I’ll save the war stories for another post.

I left the military when the bug for playing music reemerged.  I moved to San Francisco and started doing events and playing in bands.  Here are some examples of my current life…….

Here I am…..


Here is my wife……


Here is my dog…..

IMG_0247 IMG_0834

This is what I do……

1066119_10200986296411619_363056149_o 381955_197997010277160_753890788_nIMG_1030


This is what my band sounds like…..

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The task at hand

This is my first post for the class Living in a Media World.  We were given the task of pitching an idea for a documentary.  I’ve had several ideas pop us so far and I’m sure that a few more will surface in the weeks to come.  Here are a few of them.

  1. The evolution of the Bay Area music scene
  2. What is involved in doing a large scale projection mapping project
  3. How the collapse of the music industry is effecting unsigned acts
  4. What goes into a full scale event production

My next post will be about my background. I’ll also post more ideas with other forms of media as they come along.