Project Proposal

Project Proposal


Title: Aria’s Story




-Nzingha Shakur

-Alex Delle Cese

-Jule Dildine

-Amin Paryavi


This documentary is about Aria and her story of going through a major change in her life

Intended Audience:

All ages

LGBT community

Objective Of Film:

We would like he audience to take away a non judgmental point of view on the LGBT community


This documentary is mostly interview based so the sound will be focused on getting the best quality sound from the interviewers.

Sound will be used in the Title sequence to draw in the audience to the seriousness of the story.


                           Same Heart (Aria’s Story)

Viewers will experience a journey of Arias past to present life story. It began with explaining the early days in Arias childhood and her trouble fitting in and not having very many friends. The film reveals conflicts in her life with her marriage, time in the military, and process of being a transgendered individual. As she starts to find inner peace she begins to express herself through her artwork. Going to ex’pression she expects to become a professional in the game art design industry. The film explores the different avenues that she is perusing.

In her early childhood she did not do the typical boy things and found that at age five or six she liked girl things. This difference made her very unique and not many related to her. Not having many friends made her childhood kind of lonely. As she was growing up she decide to act and live like men in her family and it made her felling not expressing herself, so she end up finding herself living for others not herself.

She continued with struggles and fear of not living life in a way she fells inside. So she decided serve the military like her other family members, but it was not working out to heal her confusion about her gender. In the military she finds a women, after that they got married and started living together. Five years past and she still wasn’t sure about her decision. She felt dumb and decided to get a divorce.

Going through all these experiences gave her enough courage to pursue what she wanted in life. This decision was to change her gender from male to female. She started seeing doctors to make sure that this was not an indecisive thought. As she continued to reassure herself she decide to go through with the surgery, injection of hormones and therapy. Through out these changing process she got helped from other transgendered individuals and close friends whom accepting her new identity as a female person.

Aria feels satisfied after deciding to pursue the transition. She starts to really feel who she is. She was no longer living as someone else and found herself as herself. After talking to her friend she decided to follow her dream. Based on her research for finding a school which matches her passion, she finds out that ex’pression college for digital arts is the top 20% for game art design in the United States of America.

Serving in the military she received funding for school, which enabled her to come to the Bay Area. She found that the culture here was a good environment to live as a new person and also follow her ideas exploring her creativity. In the future she plans to pursue a career with Sony designing the latest video games. In the mean time she is working hard at learning the know how it will take for her to get there.


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