Project Update

We have done two days of Interviews. Two successful interviews were shot with Aria and her roommate Brendan. Right now we are working on touching up the site and our previews.

Introduction & Conclusion

We are starting the introduction by describing Aria’s childhood and background related to her friends and family. Our conclusion will be about what she is currently doing in different aspects of her life such as School, Career, Relationships and Social Life.

Heart Vision Productions – Test Video

10/01/2014 – Heart Vision Productions – Logo Test

This is an animation of the Heart Vision Productions Intro. All sounds and graphics were created by Jule Dildine. We will probably be going with a different variation.

Our team’s approach to the film

Our team’s approach to the film is focusing on the life of Aria Blystone and her experience. We will be interviewing Aria telling what it was like growing up, and joining the military to eventually decide to let her true self show. We will also be working with Aria to capture moments from her day to day life.

Equipment/Editing Test – “Battle Bots Camp Interview”

Here is a link of a movie that the group has put together to test out some of our lighting ideas for the interviews. Also this is to test out how to put the documentary together.

Nzingha is the first subject, Alex second and Amin last. I (Jule) did the music.

Some photos of the first interview

Just updated the media page with some new photos from our 09/27/2014 interview with Aria. Check them out!

The First Interview 09/27/2014 


Finished the first Interview

Just finished the interview with Aria. Took about 40 minutes and ask a LOT of questions. Part 1 is just about ready, now to gather some B-Roll and plan out Part 2.


Checklist Part 1

Part one of our checklist covers group contact information, topic development questions, group skills, roles and responsibilities, team name and logo, interview subject info, preliminary interview questions, equipment planning, and production schedule.

Checklist Part 2

Part Two of our checklist covers Pre-Production,Preparation and Research, Transportation, Content Research, Production Equipment, Post-Production, Workshop feedback, Music/Score Composition, Fine Edit, Picture Lock, Post-production audio, Video Post Processing, Final Review, Final Review, Final distribution.



Interview Questions

Interview Questions

Here are our interview questions that will be edited before we go into the official interview.

Sylvia Rivera Pride Recognition

When I saw this it made me tear up a bit because after all the suffering Sylvia went threw from others and herself it is nice to see that she is appreciated, and the dream/s she had for the LGTBQ community are coming to life.