Here you will find various photos, videos and sound recordings regarding the process of building this documentary.

10/28/2014 – Same Hearts (Final Cut)

Here is the final version of the documentary! Enjoy!


10/28/2014 – Photo of the Paper Edit

Paper Edit Timeline

Paper Edit Timeline


10/28/2014 – Same Hearts (Preview) – By Amin Paryavi

This is Amin Paryavi’s preview of our project.


10/28/2014 – Same Hearts (Preview) – By Alex Delle Cese

This is Alex Delle Cese’s preview of our project.


10/09/2014 – Poster Stills

Here are the stills for our poster.

10/08/2014 – Same Hearts (Rough Cut)

Here’s a very rough cut of the film.


10/06/2014 – Same Hearts (Preview) – By Jule Dildine

Here is a little preview of what’s to come!


10/01/2014 – Heart Vision Productions – Logo Test

This is an animation of the Heart Vision Productions Intro. All sounds and graphics were created by Jule Dildine.


Interview with Aria – 09/27/2014

These are photos of the first interview completed with Aria.


09/25/2014 – Fake Battle Bots Camp Interviews – Equipment Test

This is to test out what lighting we plan on using for the interview and the background. Also this is to get a feel on the music and cuts that we choose to do.



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