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These posts will include some relevant topics regarding the LGBT community.

Sylvia Rivera Pride Recognition

When I saw this it made me tear up a bit because after all the suffering Sylvia went threw from others and herself it is nice to see that she is appreciated, and the dream/s she had for the LGTBQ community are coming to life.

Sylvia Rivera Speech 1973

Even tho the quality wasn’t grate I could really empathize with Sylvia’s feelings and    passion towards her people.


Janet Mock Interview with Google on her book “ My Path to Womanhood”

i really liked this interview because it was personal but not inappropriate. I could tell Janet and her interviewer had a lot of fun.

Janet Mock Interview #2 With Piers Morgan

What is interesting about this interview is how misunderstanding and miscommunication  can really effect the impression you make on a people/person. Even tho Piers had good intentions in the first interview he still offended Janet. And instead of really listening to what she was saying he was stuck in defense mode, which caused what could have been a calm learning experience between to people two be a heated conversation with neither side really being understood.


Janet Mock Interview #1 With Piers Morgan

Janet was interviewed by Piers Morgan (LGTBQ supporter)  talking about her book.

Janet Mock


(photos from Google)

janet_mock_101612-thumb-640xauto-6978 11th Annual GLSEN Respect Awards

Laverne Cox Glad Award Speech

I love this speech because you can see and hear how proud she felt receiving this award. It has taken her communality so long to get recognition, and the fact that she is one of the first to brake all these mile stones is amazing! And with all of her blessings she is staying humble, calm and  elegant witch shows how strong of a woman she is.


Laverne Cox

(images from Google)

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Trans Feminism

This article about Trans Feminism was really interesting to me. There are a lot of terms that I never heard of but vary curios about. I will try to post as much defamation of the different feminism as I can.

About Jazz

Jazz is a young lady who, unlike most trans kids was born into a vary supportive and understanding family. She wanted to be recognized as a girl at a extremely young age, and instead of shunning or silencing her Jazz’s parents embraced her and let her be comfortable as the unique person she is.

Jazz’s story is one of the first stories that sparked my curiosity of The Trans work. For her to be so young and understand who she is and what she is supposed to help us understand is magical, in my opinion. Even though she is much younger than I am I look up to Jazz for her strength, bravery, and courageousness.

This is a clip I saw on Youtube about Jazz and her journey