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Final Cut of “Same Hearts”

Hello everybody!

Here is our final cut of “Same Hearts”.

Let us know what you think!

Our Paper Edit

Hello all!


Here is our paper edit for the whole documentary. It was hard but we were able to finally lock down the story.

Paper Edit Timeline

Paper Edit Timeline

Some stills from the film

Hey all!

Here are some stills from the rough cut of the film.

Touching up the Rough Cut

Hello all!


We originally had an 8 minute and 43 second rough cut and we’ve gone in and added some more elements to the story framework and we’ve added an extra minute! The story is a little more fleshed out with where it’s going. Now to get to picture lock by Thursday and focus on some various After Effects compositions.

Rough Cut Critique Notes

Hello all!

Just finished doing a rough cut critique session and have come back with some great notes on what people would like to see.


– Open up with a cinematic

– More B-Roll implementation

– Come full circle with the conclusion, more specifically the “We’re not trying to fool anyone”

– Show specific mannerisms pertinent to Aria

– Need more B-Roll footage of Aria in the world (class, working on the computer, playing games, drawings)

– Use introduction as puzzle pieces -What is this all leading to? Pepper in media to keep the audience guessing.

Rough Cut 1 Uploaded!

Hello all!

Just finished on our first rough cut! Let us know what you think!


Production Checklist


Here is a copy of our production checklist.

Documentary Preview – By Jule Dildine

Hello all!

Here is a little preview of what’s to come!

Same Hearts (Preview) – By Jule Dildine


Heart Vision Productions – Test Video

10/01/2014 – Heart Vision Productions – Logo Test

This is an animation of the Heart Vision Productions Intro. All sounds and graphics were created by Jule Dildine. We will probably be going with a different variation.

Our team’s approach to the film

Our team’s approach to the film is focusing on the life of Aria Blystone and her experience. We will be interviewing Aria telling what it was like growing up, and joining the military to eventually decide to let her true self show. We will also be working with Aria to capture moments from her day to day life.