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Same Heart Means

I chose the name Same Heart because as I was researching I noticed that no matter who I was researching everyone wanted the same core things love, respect, empathy, acceptance and to be a part of a community that gives them these 4 things.

If you (no matter who you are) step back and think of a list of things you want in life. I bet that at the core of that list you will find these 5 things. This list is what makes us human. Without it we have nothing to fight for and without something to fight for there is nothing to live for.

So basically, to me Same Hearts means exactly what it sounds like. In the end all of our hearts are the same, no matter what you look like, what your life is like or what you fight for. All of our hearts want the same thing.


-Nzingha Shakur


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Interview Questions

Here are our interview questions that will be edited before we go into the official interview.

Checklist Part 1

Part one of our checklist covers group contact information, topic development questions, group skills, roles and responsibilities, team name and logo, interview subject info, preliminary interview questions, equipment planning, and production schedule.



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